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Chemical Processing

Nickel alloys generally include Hastelloy, incoloy, inconel, and monel alloys. Due to their obvious corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance in high-temperature media, they have become key materials in the chemical processing industry and are used to reduce chemical equipment. The material of choice for the risk of unplanned downtime. Nickel alloys can withstand wear and tear during chemical treatment, and are known for maintaining excellent performance under harsh conditions. They can provide your industry with the most durable, cost-effective and efficient solution, reducing your costs in the long run.

The advantages of nickel alloys over other metal materials are particularly obvious in the construction of chemical and petrochemical process equipment. The chemical industry needs a variety of materials to protect its equipment from corrosion while meeting strict economic requirements.

Pressure vessel Nickel-based special metals are usually used in the following chemical equipment:chemical processing nickel alloy

           ● Reactor and stirrer

           ● Heat exchanger and condenser

           ● Pressure filters, centrifuges and dryers

           ● Distillation tower

           ● Pipeline system

           ● Pumps and valves

           ● Safety system-rupture disc / flame arrester / fire damper

           ● Instrumentation and flow control equipment

           ● Pollution control equipment

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