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Metal alloys are used because they generally have enhanced mechanical and chemical properties. Alloying elements can be added to metals to increase many properties, including hardness, strength, corrosion resistance, workability and so on. Nickel and nickel alloys refer to nickel elements that form alloys with other metals. Nickel is a versatile element with significant beneficial qualities. Nickel alloy materials have maintained numerous applications in various industries around the world, and some of its important advantages include high strength, weldability, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

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  • Wuden Alloy Co., Ltd. provides petroleum, chemical, electric power, aerospace and other related industries with nickel alloy materials,such as Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy,Monel alloy seamless pipe, welded pipe, plate, tube,flange, bar, etc.
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