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Monel Alloys

Overview of Monel Alloys

Monel alloy, also known as nickel alloy, is mainly composed of nickel (52% to 67%) and copper, and contains small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon and silicon. Monel alloy has good corrosion resistance and is silvery white. It is a corrosion-resistant alloy with large dosage, wide application and excellent comprehensive performance. It has good mechanical properties, a wide range of use temperatures from low to high temperatures, and good welding performance. It has medium and high strength, and has excellent corrosion resistance in fluorine gas, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and their derivatives.

Monel Alloys
  • Monel

    Monel 400 is a single-phase, solid solution nickel-copper alloy with excellent mechanical properties, good strength and toughness at temperatures ranging from minus to 1000℉. 400 alloy has good weldability, ductility and thermal conductivity. Monel 400 can be available in Bar, Pipe, Forging, Plate, Fasteners, Coil, Wire, Fitting, etc.

  • Monel

    Monel K500 alloy is a Ni-Cu based alloy. Ni3 (Al, Ti) phase is precipitated by adding a small amount of Al and Ti elements, which retains the excellent corrosion resistance of Monel 400 alloy and also has higher strength and hardness.Alloy K500 can be available in Bar, Pipe, Forging, Plate, Fasteners, Coil, Wire, Fitting, etc.

  • Monel

    Monel R405 is a solid solution nickel-copper alloy that can only be hardened by cold work. It is slightly magnetic at room temperature. It is the free-machining grade of Monel 400. The sulfur content in the element is increased and the workability is improved. It maintains the corrosion resistance, high strength and good solderability of Monel 400.Monel R400 can be available in Bar, Pipe, Forging, Plate, Fasteners, Coil, Wire, Fitting, etc.

  • Features of Monel Alloys

    1. Excellent corrosion resistance in hydrofluoric acid and fluorine gas media

    2. Excellent corrosion resistance to hot concentrated lye

    3. Almost no stress corrosion cracking

    4. Excellent cutting function

    Types of Inconel Alloys

    Monel Alloys mainly includes the following grades:

    Monel 400

    Monel R-405

    Monel K-500

    Forms of Monel Alloys

    All Monel Alloys can be processed into many forms and shapes to meet industrial needs. Wudenalloy.com provides the following forms of Monel alloys:

    Monel Alloy Bar

    Monel Alloy Sheet&Plate

    Monel Alloy Welded Pipe&Tube

    Monel Alloy Seamless Pipe&Tube

    Monel Alloy Pipe Fittings

    Monel Alloy Flanges

    Monel Alloy Custom Forgings

    Monel Alloy Fasteners

    Monel Alloy Welding Products

    Monel Alloy Coil

    Monel Alloy wire


    Applications of Monel Alloys

    Monel alloy is widely used in the following industries due to its excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance

    1. Aerospace applications

    Monel metal is widely used in aircraft manufacturing, especially the frame and skin of experimental rocket aircraft.

    2. Oil production and refining

    Monel alloy is used to make pump shafts and propellers for equipment used in deep sea water

    3. The nuclear industry

    The alloy is used to make equipment for uranium extraction and isotopic separation

    4. Chemical industry

    The alloy is used in seamless water pipes and steam pipes in power plants

    Suppliers of Monel Alloys

    Wuden Alloy is a worldwide supplier of Monel alloys and other superalloy metals. We offer Hastelloy®, Incoloy®, Inconel®,Monel® and other hard-to-find metals in single item orders or full bills of material. These materials are available in bar, sheet, pipe, and other forms to meet the needs of nearly any industrial or manufacturing application.

    Contact us for more information regarding our nickel alloy manufacturing and distribution options.  Request a quote now or find the nickel alloy material you need in the links below. Wuden Alloy is your trusted nickel alloy supplier for all types of Nickel alloy material.

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