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High Temperature Creep Of Nickel Alloys

2022-09-29 12:43:03  News


The high temperature creep of nickel alloys refers to the phenomenon that the nickel alloy materials slowly produce plastic deformation under the long-term action of constant temperature and constant load. Under high temperature conditions, the effect of creep on components is very significant. Strictly speaking, creep may occur in nickel alloys at any temperature, but it is not obvious at low temperatures, so it can be ignored; but when the specific temperature is greater than 0.3, the creep effect will be more obvious, and creep must be considered at this time. influence of change. Temperature is an important factor affecting the high-temperature creep characteristics of nickel alloys. With the increase of temperature, the ultimate strength of the material gradually decreases. Various methods used to strengthen metals at room temperature, such as solid solution strengthening, precipitation strengthening and processing Hardening, etc., the strengthening effect will gradually weaken with the increase of temperature. Time is another important factor that affects the creep characteristics of metal materials at high temperature. At normal temperature, the effect of time on the creep of nickel alloy materials can be ignored, but as the temperature increases, the effect of time gradually emerges.

High Temperature Creep Of Nickel Alloy


Due to the different ways of stressing nickel alloys, high temperature creep can be divided into high temperature compression creep, high temperature tensile creep, high temperature bending creep and high temperature torsional creep. High-temperature creep is more effective than high-temperature strength to predict the strain trend and fracture life of a material when it is used for a long time at high temperature. It is one of the important mechanical properties of metal materials, and it is related to the material and structural characteristics of the material.

Theoretical research

Under the combined action of temperature and stress, on the one hand, the movement and proliferation of dislocations in nickel alloy materials will cause strain and strengthening; on the other hand, the diffusion and movement of atoms will produce a recovery phenomenon, which makes the dislocations on the slip band pass through the interlacing phenomenon. The slip and climb modes gradually disappear, resulting in the disappearance of strain intensification. The creep of metal materials is carried out in this contradictory process. At high temperature, the recovery process is facilitated because the increase in temperature accelerates the diffusion and movement of atoms. Therefore, the creep phenomenon will become more pronounced as the temperature increases. For example, when the temperature of carbon steel exceeds 450 degrees and high alloy steel exceeds 550 degrees, creep will become more active. Generally, creep limit and permanent strength are often used to describe the creep properties of materials.

Creep limit

Excessive creep deformation of high temperature components during service life will cause early failure of the component. Therefore, it is necessary to use a mechanical property index to describe the creep resistance caused by long-term loading of metal materials under high temperature conditions. Creep limit is such a mechanical performance index, which indicates the resistance of materials to high temperature creep deformation, and is one of the main basis for material selection and component design at high temperature.

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