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Nickel Alloy Forging Process

2022-04-09 23:14:25  News

What is Nickel-Based Superalloy?

Nickel-based superalloy is a superalloy with nickel as the matrix (generally more than 50%) with high strength and good oxidation resistance and gas corrosion resistance in the range of 650~1000 °C.

History of Nickel-Based Superalloy Forging Processes

hastelloy forging

Before, the deformation processing of nickel-based superalloys at home and abroad generally used the combination of chamber furnace and air hammer. This kind of forging is completely formed by impact and cannot be forged by static pressure forging. The forging temperature range of nickel-based superalloys is very narrow, generally 100~200 ℃, so in the forging process, it is necessary to strictly implement temperature control, and set up effective auxiliary equipment to reduce the waste of auxiliary time in the forging process. 

Difficulties in the Forging Process

1. Nickel-based superalloy, due to the addition of a large number of alloying elements, its process plasticity is very low, the deformation resistance is large, the deformation is uneven, and it is easy to produce a mixed structure of coarse and fine grains.

2. The forging temperature range of nickel-based superalloys is very narrow, the thermal conductivity is poor, and the heating conditions are required to be high. The whole forging process is very difficult.

3. The size of the forging billet required for hot-rolled strip products is relatively large. After calculating the thickness of the forging slab provided by the forging process, it is concluded that the slab aspect ratio is close to 8, and the slab width is difficult in forging.

New Forging Process for Nickel-Based Superalloy

1. More reasonable heating equipment for nickel alloy before forging is adopted. In the past nickel-based superalloy forging process, a single chamber furnace is generally used for heating, which is inefficient and may cause incomplete heating parameters and processes during the process of process implementation. Continuous heating type push-steel heating is used. The combination of a furnace and an electrically heated chamber furnace can avoid these problems.

2. The new forging process uses electro-hydraulic hammer as the main equipment for forging. In the same process, air hammer or hydraulic press are used more. The air hammer can not meet the characteristics of hydrostatic forging, and the frequency of hydraulic press can not meet the requirements of forging parameters of nickel-based superalloy, but the electro-hydraulic hammer can meet these two requirements at the same time.

3. The forging process adopts advanced forging auxiliary equipment loading and reclaiming machine and operating machine, which meets the technical requirements of "strike while the iron is hot" in the forging process, and provides a guarantee for the temperature control and time control of the new nickel-based superalloy forging process.

4. Due to the advanced technology and the rationality of equipment selection, the forged slab has incomparable advantages of similar processes. In this project, a new forging process can be used to forge a slab with an aspect ratio of 8 and a maximum forged ingot up to 1400kg.

Supplier of Quality Nickel Alloy Forgings

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