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What is Alloy 33?

2019-02-27 09:45:40  News

Alloy 33 is a relatively new chromium-based austenitic alloy that came out in 1995. It is also the second nitrogen-added alloy after alloy 31. The alloy contains nitrogen, which makes the alloy smaller in the solid solution state, thereby increasing The yield strength and toughness of the alloy are improved. Due to the compound effect of high chromium and molybdenum, copper, and nitrogen in Alloy33 alloy, it has excellent corrosion resistance in highly oxidizing media, and it has good workability, so it replaces high silicon in many applications Stainless steel. The corrosion resistance of Alloy 33 is comparable to that of Hastelloy C-276. At the same time, the strength of this alloy ranks first in this series of alloys, and it has high plasticity, toughness, thermal stability, and other characteristics.

Alloy 33 processing and welding

The hot working temperature of the alloy is 1000~1200℃, and it needs to be cooled as soon as possible after hot working. It is cold processed in a solid solution state. For materials with a thickness of more than 3mm, water cooling should be used, and materials with a thickness of less than 3mm can be cooled by rapid air cooling. However, because the hardness of the alloy is higher than that of all austenitic stainless steels, the requirements for equipment are relatively high, and equipment with relatively large processing capabilities is required. The welding performance is good, and the basic welding method can be used.

Alloy 33 application areas

This alloy has good comprehensive capabilities and can be used in strong oxidizing acidic media, especially in high-temperature concentrated sulfuric acid. It has superior manufacturing performance and will not produce difficult production and difficult welding conditions. Typical applications of Alloy 33 include sulfuric acid plants and sulfuric acid heat recovery and distribution systems, pickling plants, seawater systems, salt and alkali evaporation systems, chemical pulp bleaching plants, offshore platforms, etc. It is a pressure vessel for the chemical processing industry and marine engineering The industry's ideal corrosion-resistant material.

Performance characteristics of Alloy 33

High-temperature strength, good oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance

It has excellent resistance to general and local corrosion in hot acid and chloride-containing applications.

Excellent resistance to stress cracking corrosion in corrosive environments such as acids and alkalis

Good welding performance

Corresponding grades of Alloy 33

National standard: NS1405, 00cr33ni31Mo2CuN, 00cr33ni31Mo1CuN.

American Standard: Alloy33, R20033, No8033.

German standard: 1.4591, x1nicrmocuN33-32-1, Nicrofer3033.

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