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Overview of Nickel & Hot Temp Alloys

Nickel alloy is an alloy composed of nickel as the base and added with other elements. It has higher strength and certain oxidation and corrosion resistance at high temperatures of 650-1000°C. Nickel has good mechanical, physical and chemical properties. Adding appropriate elements can improve its oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature strength and improve certain physical properties.

  • Ni 200/201 is a commercial forged pure nickel that is solid solution strengthened. Its carbon content is extremely low, and it will not be embrittled by intergranular deposits under high temperature conditions. It has good corrosion resistance in a neutral to moderately reducing environment and an oxidizing medium that can generate a passivation oxide film.Nickel 200/201 can be available in bar, Pipe, Forging, Plate, Fasteners, Coil, Wire, Fitting, etc.

  • Alloy 20 is a nickel-iron-chromium austenitic high temperature alloy containing niobium, molybdenum and copper. It can also be called alloy 20 stainless steel. Among them, niobium can resist intergranular corrosion. The combination of various elements can make it in sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid,nitric acid has the greatest degree of corrosion resistance.Incoloy 20 can be available in bar, Pipe, Forging, Plate, Fasteners, Coil, Wire, Fitting, etc.

  • Alloy 31 is an iron-nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with relatively low cost and high corrosion resistance. Nitrogen and copper are added to this alloy element, and its performance is between special alloy austenitic stainless steel and existing nickel-based alloys.Alloy 31 can be available in bar, Pipe, Forging, Plate, Fasteners, Coil, Wire, Fitting, etc.

  • Alloy 33 is a new type of corrosion-resistant austenitic alloy. Due to its extremely high chromium concentration, it has excellent resistance to common corrosion and pitting corrosion in chlorides. The alloy improves the resistance in phosphoric acid, simplifies the passivation in sulfuric acid, and has higher mechanical properties and good ductility.Alloy 33 can be available in bar, Pipe, Forging, Plate, Fasteners, Coil, Wire, Fitting, etc.

  • Hastelloy B2 is a solid solution strengthened nickel-molybdenum alloy,it has excellent hydrochloric acid resistance under severe conditions of various concentrations and temperatures. Hastelloy B2 can be available in Bar, Pipe, Forging, Plate, Fasteners, Coil, Wire, Fitting, etc.

  • Monel R405 is a solid solution nickel-copper alloy that can only be hardened by cold work. It is slightly magnetic at room temperature. It is the free-machining grade of Monel 400. The sulfur content in the element is increased and the workability is improved. It maintains the corrosion resistance, high strength and good solderability of Monel 400.Monel R400 can be available in Bar, Pipe, Forging, Plate, Fasteners, Coil, Wire, Fitting, etc.

  • Zeron 100 is a high-alloy super duplex stainless steel that is suitable for corrosive environments and has high resistance to strong alkalis and non-oxidizing acids. In addition, it has the characteristics of high strength, good impact, and good toughness.F55 Super Duplex can be available in Bar, Pipe, Forging, Plate, Fasteners, Coil, Wire, Fitting, etc.

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    Features of Nickel Alloys

    1.High strength and toughness

    2.Excellent corrosion resistance 

    3.Excellent high temperature performance

    4.Excellent ductility and machinability

    5.Long service life

    Types of Nickel Alloys

    There are currently about 3,000 nickel-based alloys in use, forming products for many industries.  About 90% of all new nickel sold each year is used to make alloys.  According to their chemical composition,nickel alloys are classified  into Hastelloy, Inconel alloys, Incoloy alloys, Monel alloys and pure nickel (Inconel®,Incoloy®,Monel® is a registered trademark of the Special Metals Corporation and its subsidiaries).  Hastelloy® is a registered trademark of Haynes International and its subsidiaries.)  

    Nickel alloys can be divided into the following categories according to their uses:  

    1. Nickel-based superalloy  

    2. Nickel-based corrosion resistant alloy  

    3. Nickel base wear resistant alloy  

    4. Nickel-based precision alloy  

    5. Nickel-based shape memory alloy  

    Applications Nickel Alloys

    Due to its special high temperature and corrosion resistance, nickel alloy is widely used in the following industries  

    1. Ocean: marine structures in the Marine environment, seawater desalination, mariculture, heat exchange of seawater, etc.  

    2. Environmental protection: flue gas desulfurization device for thermal power generation, waste water treatment, etc.  

    3. Energy: atomic power generation, comprehensive utilization of coal, tidal power generation, etc.  

    4. Petrochemical industry: oil refining, chemical equipment, etc.  

    5. Food field: salt making, soy sauce brewing, etc.  

    6. Aerospace: For engine manufacturing 

    Forms of Nickel Alloys

    All Nickel Alloys can be processed into many forms and shapes to meet industrial needs. Wudenalloy.com provides the following forms of Inconel alloys:

    Nickel Alloy Bar

    Nickel Alloy Sheet&Plate

    Nickel Alloy Welded Pipe&Tube

    Nickel Alloy Seamless Pipe&Tube

    Nickel Alloy Pipe Fittings

    Nickel Alloy Flanges

    Nickel Alloy Forgings

    Nickel Alloy Fasteners

    Nickel Alloy Welding Products

    Nickel Alloy Coil

    Nickel Alloy wire

    Suppliers of Hastelloy

    Wudenalloy has focused on the production and manufacturing of nickel alloys for more than ten years.It is a worldwide supplier of corrosion resistant alloy and other superalloy metals. We have a professional technical team and after-sales service,so we can offer high-quality Hastelloy®, Incoloy®, Inconel®,Monel® ,Duplex Stainless Steel and other alloy  material,These materials are available in bar, sheet, pipe,flange and other forms to meet the needs of our customers.

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